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June 2, 2011
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(Contains: nudity)
Warning. Contents may not be age appropriate for some readers. Please read My comments below to determine the contents of this writing. Thanks and happy reading ^^

Swiftly, Emma unwrapped the medium-sized purple box in her hands. It was labeled in about a hundred different languages, but the English title stood out amongst the other random gibberish. It read: "Growth Accelerator. Becoming a Woman Quickly and Easily". Normally, Emma would not stoop so low as to buy random merchandise from sketchy websites online, but her torment and torture had been going on far too long.

All her life, she had expected to grow up quickly as her two older sisters did and her younger sister had shown signs of doing. Specifically, breasts... Starting in her seventh school year and persisting like a bad cold, girls at school would tease poor Emma about her size. While everyone else seemed to bud and bloom into the beautiful flower known as the mature woman, Emma was stuck in the soil as a "washboard-girl-doomed-never-to-have-a-figure" – or so the many other girls mentioned at her all girl private school. Even today (Friday) she had been bullied by the worst of them all: Eve. She and her group of friends were the bustiest as well as sluttiest of all the girls at school. As well as being Emma's childhood enemy, she was Emma's neighbor, only living a block down the street. On the way home, Eve and her group of beautiful baddies would chase Emma all the way home from school, shirts halfway unbuttoned to show off all of what they had, and wait outside of her house, screaming name after heart slashing name. And that was only the start of the abuse... But now, Emma's troubles would apparently be over. After every other therapy, massage, ointment, sticker, and label had lied, this one product whatever it was was Emma's last hope.

With no one at home, Emma removed the clear plastic wrapping and pulled out the contents of the box, setting them neatly in order of removal on her study desk in the corner. She took a seat in front of that desk and tucked a stray hair behind her ear as the anxiety began to build. With a nervous sigh, she reached down and opened up a small booklet that had a prodigious set of breasts on the cover. Emma felt ashamed and she blushed as she opened the booklet up to the first page.

Greetings, and welcome to the wonderful world of womanhood. Or at least thank you for wanting to explore what it really means to be a woman. I am the book of breasts, and I'm here to assist you in reaching your mammary related goals. Lets skip straight to the important matter of how your growth shall occur. Follow the steps below to begin plumping up. If you want to look at our recommended sizes or methods other than this one, refer to later pages. More information on how the expansion works is located in the last chapter of the book. Now, turn the page and prepare to enter the world of busty women.

Emma blushed at every word of the first page. Was the book serious? The "Book of breasts"? The world of Busty women? The book seemed like a bad joke at best, but again, this was Emma's last resort. She had suffered long enough, and so she carefully turned to the next page. She had no time to waste. Hands quivering, she began reading step one. Each step was short and to the point, yet each took up a page ( which wasn't saying much due to the small size of the book).

Congrats on your  decision to continue into our journey to discovery. The first step is to remove any and all apparel you may be wearing. Scarfs, shirts, bras, girdles, whatever. Even piercings in the body must be removed as not to inhibit the growth rate in any way. Make sure you're alone precious. Dont want anyone seeing your twins.

Emma was stunned. The book seemed to get more and more stupid. Remove clothing such as shirts? Any growth from any pill or medicine wouldn't take effect for at least a few days. Wouldn't it? Doubtfully, Emma settled on unbuttoning the first three buttons of her her collared white uniform shirt. Any other girl would be embarrassed to unbutton so low (except for the Eves) on the uniform shirt. Emma, however, saw no need to worry. She was alone, and even if she wasn't, she had nothing to show.

Step two, open up the small black container given. It is divided into two sections. On the left should be a pill, and on the right should be a piece of  expensive candy. Start by consuming the pill with NO WATER.

Emma followed instructions to the tee all the time both in school and at home. She was never one to question authority out loud. She was a quiet soul who rarely reared against rules and did what she was told when she was told to do so. This time was no exception as she opened the box and picked up the pill. It was blue and white with the letters "BV" written on it. She paid no mind to the letters as she threw it into her mouth and swallowed. The pill went down easy and slow, lingering in her throat for a bit before going down. She continued reading.

Alright, now time for the good part. Are you ready to experience the joy of large breasts? Well not just yet you aren't.

Emma sighed.

In order to experience the results you must follow the instructions exactly. This is the part of the experiment to test and see if you are ready for such a commitment. By taking the pill, you are redirecting your metabolism and inwardly effecting your body to work in a different means. By taking the pill, you have permanently changed how your insides work. There is no need to panic, this will not effect life in any extreme or diverse ways. In the time that it took you to read this small paragraph, you should notice a slight warmth and tingling at your core as well as your nipples beginning to become hard.

Emma looked on in amazement. No sooner than reading the words did the effects begin. From the bottom up, her stomach began to grow hot. With one hand she pulled her shirt's fabric out of the way and saw that her tips were now more erect than they ever had been. Normally, Emma didn't even bother to wear bras due to her near perfectly flat chest, but now just because of her nipple size she felt she would need some kind of padding. They were a bright pinkish color, and Emma could tell that they were becoming more sensitive than ever before. She was shocked as she reached to touch them. A flurry of feelings swept over her, causing her to let out a high pitched moan. It felt so amazing! Excited that something was actually happening, Emma flipped to the next page.

Now. Step three...
Remove the wrapping on the chocolate candy. This is to test and see if the final effects of the pill have taken place. Break the candy into two separate but equal pieces and press them gently against your chest directly over the nipple.

Now things were getting strange. What was rubbing chocolate over her nonexistent breasts going to do to increase their size? It seemed like more of a dirty fetish derived by a hormone driven young adult than a medicine or treatment. Emma felt tempted to search for hidden cameras or to see if anyone was looking but felt stupid even considering it. No one was home, and no one would be home for at least an hour. All three of her sisters had schedules that made them arrive at home around dinner time at six or seven at night. Finally, knowing that she had nothing to lose and something to gain, Emma caved and placed the booklet open on the table in front of her. She grabbed the chocolate and broke it in two relatively equal sizes. With the utmost care, Emma moved the chocolate back and forth over her sensitive nipples. The feeling made her moan even louder than last time. She bent over into and rested her head on her desk, still looking down at her hard nipples as they began to react to the chocolate. Seconds that seemed like minutes later, Emma's stared down in disbelief. Both nipples began to open up slightly and take the chocolate into them. The chocolate was no more than about quarter sized and very thin, but her nipples stretch enough to accommodate the size. Acting as two lips, her nipples sucked in both pieces of chocolate, sending the greatest feeling yet through Emma's body. She blushed as she jerked her head back in sheer pleasure.

"That was amazing! Oh, it felt so nice!But..." Emma sat forward as she quickly descended from the high. The taste of chocolate began to fill her mouth although there was none there. Emma picked up the book yet again and began reading.

If the chocolate entered your breast, then congratulations! You have completed the guide. Please read the back of the book to see how the expansion will occur.

Without hesitating, Emma flipped page by page till she got to the end. On the last pages were a long series of paragraphs that were titled "How it works".

The pill taken redirects your bodies nourishment system. Your body will now reject any food substance that enters your body through your mouth. Your new means of food consumption is through your boobs.

Emma frantically skipped around from paragraph to paragraph, reading to gain more information.

All food devoured by boobs is turned into a milky substance that will then full your mammary cavities and cause your breasts to grow to incredible sizes if wanted. People may consume this milk, but please take caution if someone drinks directly from the source. Breasts have been known to Consume Humans Whole...

Emma could not believe what she was reading. If she hadn't experienced it first hand, she never would have had faith in the method. Apparently, her breasts had become mouths. Her nipples could now consume other objects... The thought was mind boggling and yet, it had just happened with the chocolate. Emma looked down at her boobs. Surely enough, they had grown if only by a little bit. They still weren't even A cups but they now had a bulge to them. The small impression of chocolate could be seen on the outside, slowly disappearing. Emma used one finger to poke at where the chocolate was and felt as it began to liquefy under her touch. She used two fingers to poke the second time and watched as a stream of milk shot from her right nipple and wet the page of the book. Emma's eyes were dinner plates...

Breast consumption is a power not to be taken lightly. Cravings for strange things may occur after initial chocolate consumption. Remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle by having your jugs consume plenty of fruits and veggies. Drinks are still permitted for mouth consumption but may also by swallowed by your lovely new chest. If you ever want to be fuller, the same rules apply as with a normal human stomach: the more you eat, the bigger you get. The more food, the longer it takes to digest. The less you eat, the smaller they get, and f you don't eat, you will starve. Remember to milk daily to keep the digestive system moving properly or lactation will occur. There is NO KNOWN MEANS of returning the body to its older state of ingesting through the  mouth. We apologize if this inconveniences anyone in any way. Have a wonderful day as you explore your surroundings and have a a lovely next meal.

Stunned in the bad way by this new and strange talent, Emma scooted her chair back and jumped up. She ran over to her body length mirror and pulled her shirt completely off. Her boobs were no longer flat, but an adequate rode bud size. They had grown, and Emma had gotten all she had wanted. All except for the fact that sitting at dinner tonight she would have to rip open her shirt and shovel whatever the meal was into her nipple. What would her sisters say? What would ANYBODY say if they found out? With a worried expression, Emma reached up and touched her new breasts, being careful not to squeeze them too hard.

"You guys are already a problem and you aren't even that big yet.  Still though," Emma spoke aloud to herself, " The book did say I can make them as big as I want... and if no one finds out how I'm doing it, should there be a problem?"

She tapped on her nipples and wondered if they would ever stop being so hard. "Wonder how it will feel when I'm hungry now? Will my boobs growl?" She said in a defeated voice. Just as she mentioned hunger, her stomach let lose a monstrous growl. Louder than what she was used to. "Umm... I guess I'm hungry now? Either that or my tummy  doesn't like the idea of having to share food with my breasts..."

Then an idea came to her. She had to test to see if it would happen again. Or at least see if she could quell her hunger. Perhaps the whole thing was just a one time use. The chocolate was the only thing she could ingest from that one pill. If so then maybe she was more normal than she thought. She ran downstairs and into the kitchen, her skirt flailing behind her. She had left her shirt in her room as the anxiety soared and soared within her. She looked around before finding the fruit bowl in which was a small assortment of fruits bought from the store. There wasn't a great diversity among them, just two or three different kinds until Anne (the eldest sister) returned from shopping this evening. Emma reached and grabbed a granny smith apple from the top of all the fruit. It was small and was smaller than the palm of her hand by a little bit.

"I wonder if I have to cut it or just..." Emma said as she placed the apple against her left breast. She felt a warm feeling almost immediately, then looked as her nipples began to open.

An apple was a big step from chocolate roughly the size of a Hershey Kiss and Emma realized this as her nipple stretched even wider against the apple. Emma felt the slight strain of her chest and so with two fingers tried to open up the mouth of her beautiful breast. In a short time she made it to an ok size and her nipple did the rest of the work. Her tit wrapped around the shiny green apple and struggled a bit before the apple was halfway inside. Emma let loose a scream like no other. It was a pleasurable scream that echoed through the large house.

"Oh my gosh, the feeling is so unreal." Emma said panting. "Oh man...So Good!"

Emma reached up with her right hand and began massaging the other boob. To her surprise, no milk shot from it this time. She squeezed all that she could as she was slowly intoxicated by the bliss. She licked her lips and watched as the apple stretched her tiny nipple to grand proportions. Milk leaked from it and covered the apple as it swallowed more and more of the apple. Finally, Emma gave an involuntary flex of her chest and watched as the apple finally plopped into her chest. Her nipple immediately shrank back to its hardened state, sealing the apple under her skin for the digestive process to begin. Recovering from a high, Emma couldn't help but notice the euphoria was ending as well as the bitter taste in her mouth now. It was sour, just like the apple she had just tasted.

"Delicious. I must do this more often..." Emma said, forgetting all other repercussions of the breast growth. Emma then stood and massaged her breasts even more. Letting a nearby wall take her weight, she instinctively rubber the apple filled boob with more force than the other, trying to attempt in the digestion. After all, no one like lopsided breasts...

After minutes of pleasurable rubbing and moaning in delight, her breasts had evened out in sizes. The milk that used to be an apple had evenly filled each boob, increasing the size to just below an A cup. They were really buds now. Those of a girl who needed a training bra.

"Ahhh... A training bra." Emma sighed a happy sigh as she played with her new breasts even more. Now that she had, them she couldn't begin to imagine how much time she would spend simply playing with her beautiful assets. They were small, but they could be felt and that was all she could ever ask for. "Breast feeding" was her newest love, and newest addiction. Addictions, however, change individuals, and in Emma's case, they change people in more ways than one...
*Contains Vore (specifically breast), and may suggest some Nudity. If you arent a fan, you are welcome to read but not to make mean comments. Thank you *

Hey everyone. Kris here.
So this is the first installment to what i hope to be a more interesting series. Its about a girl named Emma who develops breast vore powers. I have always enjoyed the concept of vore and wanted to experiment with it ^^ thanks for reading all that do, and im open for suggestions, constructive critisicm, and random comments. Im new at this so be nice and encourage me with comments ^^

lol, fruit vore only in the first chapter. I promise ^^

I would like to apologize for the multiple spelling and grammatical errors. I will make sure to read over my future work more carefully to make it easier on the reader ^^
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